Non-Emergency Services

Dedicated non-emergency call takers

In 2022, E-Comm trained 18 existing non-emergency report agents to also answer non-emergency calls. In addition,
E-Comm created a new dedicated non-emergency call-taker role, with recruitment and onboarding of 22 positions completed in June 2023. This role recognizes the different skill sets required for handling emergency versus non-emergency calls and opens up a larger pool of potential candidates. The two measures have resulted in 40 additional dedicated non-emergency call-takers.

Read more in our news release.

Non-emergency digital agent pilot

Working with the Vancouver Police Department, E-Comm developed a digital agent pilot launched in May 2023. The digital agent is helping to improve caller experience by answering calls right away and enabling better data on reasons for calls. By helping redirect non-emergency callers to the appropriate agency if the call is not a police non-emergency matter, the digital agent will also free up time for call takers to respond more quickly to other calls. Listen to the non-emergency digital agent demo here.

Harmonizing standard operating procedures

E-Comm answers calls for 33 police agencies, and each one has its own way of responding to non-emergency calls.
E-Comm has worked with its police partners to review and consolidate 98 different non-emergency standard operating procedures. Harmonizing these procedures will help reduce complexity and call-handling time for call takers – and improve the caller experience.

More improvements coming

Other non-emergency improvements scheduled for 2023 include changes to improve online reporting options for non-emergency police matters, as an alternative to calling non-emergency lines, and the development of a new contact centre technology platform to improve service functionality and caller experience, including enabling callback options and notification of wait times.