Provincial Mandate

In 2022, E-Comm worked with local and provincial government partners to build support for a new provincial mandate for 9-1-1 in B.C., including a new governance and funding model. Municipally-funded 9-1-1 services in B.C. face a number of pressures, including growing call volumes, necessary and costly technology improvements, and coverage gaps in parts of the province.

Local governments increasingly lack the financial capacity within their existing funding sources to keep pace. As a result of outreach by E-Comm, delegates to the Union of BC Municipalities convention in September 2022 passed a resolution calling for a new provincial mandate and funding for 9-1-1 in B.C.

E-Comm and its partners continue to work towards a new model to oversee and fund 9-1-1 service improvements and delivery in B.C.

We believe a new provincial agency, with an improved governance, funding and operational model, and strong local government representation, is the most effective way to implement these improvements, including the planning of
NG9-1-1. As the current 9-1-1 service provider, E-Comm could be ideally positioned to become this new provincially-governed agency. Regardless, a new solution is urgently needed.

Read the BC Government’s March 2023 Announcement.